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Hypnosis is an amazing way to get what you want out of life! Quit Smoking,Lose Weight,Reduce Stress, Help w/ Depression, Sleep Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress,Help with Stroke & Brain Injury Recovery, Build Self Esteem

The Mind is a powerful instrument
The Edgar Cayce once said, “The mind is the builder”. The mind is a powerful instrument, capable of building our reality. One method of tapping into the powers of the mind is through the use of hypnosis. Once you identify your negative thoughts, moods or habits, you can then replace those undesirable traits with positive beliefs.

By using the healing power of hypnosis, it’s possible to go directly to the subconscious mind to alter most any condition that is troubling us. You see, the mind acts upon the forces of our physical body through the controlled use of suggestion. Self hypnosis is the tool we can use to feed our subconscious with helpful, life changing commands to achieve our goals.

Hypnosis is simply the means to allow our bodies to become relaxed and receptive to the positive ideas we wish to receive in place of our negative thoughts. Being hypnotized is an enjoyable state of heightened awareness. This is a natural condition, a mental state we all experience two or more times a day – when we fall asleep and then again when we wake up.

It is rare for a person to fall into an extreme, deep trance or sleep. Most people will become very comfortable and relaxed, similar to a condition known as natural hypnosis. If you’ve ever been so engrossed in a project, or concentrated so intently on a book you’re reading that you block out everything around you, then you already know what natural hypnosis is. It’s a way to allow our subconscious mind to achieve the goals that our conscious mind desires.

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YP Reviews


Reidunn Bergheim Petroni


  • Master Hypnotherapist
  • Teacher of Hypnosis
  • Family Mediator and Counselor
Reidunn learned how to become a master hypnotherapist to help her husband Gerard with learning disabilities from his brain damage, due to strokes. Day after day, Reidunn was able to help Gerard progress in way that we never thought possible. Then other people who heard about Reidunn’s success with her husband began calling her, asking if she could help them with their problems (You will see a list of what she is able to help people overcome or improve upon) Now she is known as an expert in her field to the level that doctors from as far as Miami are sending their patients to Reidunn, so that she can help them where medicine can not.